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Taste of Bucher – Cooks Needed!

Would you like your country of origin to be represented at the Taste of Bucher on April 1st?  At Taste of Bucher, the students and their families get to taste a bite size portion of the food item prepared by you.  This event focuses on food, culture, music, dance, & heritage.

When: April 1 6-8 pm

Please contact Swathi Iyengar with questions.

If you would like to volunteer to help serve food at the event, please email Swathi or fill out the form sent home with your student earlier in the week.

To sign up, to prepare a dish, please send in the following information:


Child’s Class

Phone Number


“I am able to donate ___________ for the Taste of Bucher”

“Country I am representing ____________”

Please let us know if you will help to serve your donation.


Movie Night Sold Out!

This week’s movie night is sold out!  We look forward to a great Bucher crowd on Wednesday at Penn Cinema.

A big thanks goes out to Linda, Barbara, and Hillary for doing all of the heavy lifting with ticket sales.

Also, a great big thanks to those that made Taste of Bucher happen, particularly Swathi & Jennifer, and their crew of PTO volunteers, chefs, and community businesses.  Without the hard work of our volunteers, the support of area businesses, and our Bucher families in attendance, Taste of Bucher would not happen.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!