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Bucher Food & Penny Drive a Huge Success

Bucher students scavenged couch cushions, coat pockets, in their mom and dad’s cars, even their personal savings to bring in change for Bucher’s Food & Penny Drive.  Not only that, they brought in endless cans, boxes and bags of food to donate. Our original goal was to collect $200 in change and whatever non-perishable food items we could. 

Today, Bucher students and staff get to find out the final result of all that they did over the past couple weeks!  Today they will learn that they have provided over and above for seven families in our Bucher community.  Great job Bucher Bears & Bucher families! Your character is showing!!

The following graphics will be displaying on the TV in the lobby of the school today.

Bucher Penny Drive Week #2 Update

We have just finished the count of all the pennies, nickels, dimes and other change Bucher students have brought into school and our current total is almost half-way to our goal.  With only 2 weeks to go, our students are going to be digging in the sofa cushions and looking for loose change anywhere they can find it to help seven families in need within our Bucher community! Remember: Every penny counts!