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Bucher Directory

The 2017-2018 Bucher Elementary Student Directory is now available.

You can download the Student Directory here: 2017-2018 Student Directory

In order to prevent people outside the Bucher Community from accessing the Student Directory, you will need to enter a passcode to open this document. This information was sent home with your child. If you need another copy of the instruction sheet with the passcode information, please contact Michele Burkholder at or 717-575-5104.

Please use good judgment and consideration in using the Student Directory. It was
prepared to make it easier for families to connect for matters such as setting up play
dates, sending birthday invitations, or discussing homework assignments. It is only
to be used for non-commercial purposes by Bucher families and staff. Commercial
solicitations are expressly prohibited.

If you need to update any of the information listed for your child in the Student
Directory, please download and complete the following form: 2017-2018 Student Directory – Update Form

If your child’s name is not included in the Student Directory, please download and
complete the following form: 2017-2018 Student Directory – Additional Student Form

If you have any questions about the Student Directory or any of the attached forms,
please contact Michele Burkholder at or 717-575-5104.

Submit Your Student Directory Contact Info

If you have not yet turned in your directory form, please do so as soon as possible!  You can download the form here:  2015 2016 Directory Form.  The deadline has been extended to September 21, 2015.

Important: If you do not submit this form, you will not be included in the directory – your previous year submission DOES NOT carry over.

Remember, the directory is often used by parents and students to contact friends, request a play date or get together, invite students to birthday parties, and ask about homework.  Students are unable to bring party invitations to school unless they are inviting the entire class.


Bucher Directory

Capture2014-2015 Bucher Elementary Student Directory Information Form

Submission Deadline: Monday, 9/15/14
Print the form:  2014 2015 Student Directory Form

Each year, Bucher PTO sponsors a Student Directory in order to facilitate communication throughout the Bucher Community. The Directory makes it easier for Bucher Families to connect with each other – to send birthday invitations and to discuss homework assignments, for example.  The Directory also provides contact information of the Bucher Faculty, Staff, and Administration and of the PTO Executive Board and Committee/Event
Chairpersons.  The Directory is to be used strictly for non‐commercial purposes. The Bucher Community respects the privacy of its members and will use the Directory with this in mind. If you have any questions about the Directory, please contact Meghan Eckert at

Inviting students to your child’s birthday party can be a challenge.  You are not allowed to send invitations to school unless there is one for each member of the class. The Bucher Directory can be useful for obtaining the information needed to contact the limited number of students you would like to invite.  Similarly, if you are not listed in the directory, it becomes challenging for other parents to invite your child to a birthday party.