Bucher Holiday Shoppe – Volunteers

Be a Volunteer Helper at this year’s

Bucher Holiday Shoppe 2017

Hello everyone!  The Holiday Shoppe will be Wednesday December 6th through Friday December 8th this year.  Each class has signed up for a time slot so the students can come in and make holiday purchases.  We need your help to assist the students in making these purchases. You must have your clearances to be able to volunteer.

Sign up here!

We have certain time slots available each of these days.  There will be 1  to 2 classes that will come in during each slot.  If you cannot be there the whole time but want to sign up, please mark in the comments the time you are available.  Please make sure you DO NOT sign up for the time that your child will be making their purchases, as this will be a surprise for you!  It is so fun to be with the kids as they look and purchase items for friends and loved ones.

Thank you so much for your help to make this a success for the school and the students.  We could not do this without you!